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Delivery * or in-store pickup

* Delivery is available throughout Quebec (Montreal,North and South Shore) however some regions may be subject to fees.




Delivery service by truck or by mail is available in most areas served in Quebec . However, fees are charged by areas.


To lower the price of our products as much as possible, we offer them according to the "pay and take" formula. Because the majority of what we offer in store is available the same day, so you can leave right away with your purchase.

If you do not have the appropriate vehicle, Crystal Electro GT offers a delivery service throughout Quebec for a fee ranging from $ 45.00 to $ 90.00 depending on the delivery zone. Our experts deliver on weekdays and weekends in most regions and have the ultimate goal of bringing you your goods in perfect condition.

In order to always benefit from the best available rate, some products will be delivered by Canada Post. Thus, Crystal electro ensures you the lowest delivery rate depending on the product purchased.

For most regions of Quebec, you can determine with your advisor the delivery day that suits you best. We will do everything to ensure that your requests are respected.


Picking in our store if merchandise is available on site.

If this is a purchase online or by phone, at the time of pick-up, you will need to present the credit card you paid with and a photo ID.

What you need to know


Your delivery of appliances will be carried out with the greatest care possible by our experts deliverers. They will be unpacked, checked and deposited at the place of your choice.

Crystal electo reserves the right to refuse any installation that does not comply with the regulations. All appliances with the mention "not installed" will simply be unpacked and deposited at the place of your choice.

If necessary, for a fee, Crystal Electro offers the recovery and removal services of your old appliances in one-to-one mode (a device retrieved or moved for a delivered device). However, you must unplug them and remove them from their original location before the arrival of our delivery men.

Crystal electro releases from all responsibilities if breakage caused to the residence or the device during the displacement of the old apparatuses.


Phone toll free: 1-844-500-3008

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